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Resident Facing Modules

Resident gateway to communications, services and accounts

Connect your residents and staff to a fully integrated operating platform, designed to help your property deliver responsive levels of service

The one place your residents need to look for all communications,
property events, accounts, lease details and service requests
Residential Property technology, that's resident-friendly
Browse & Select

Browse all available apartments by type, feature, floor-plan or rate

Residential Tenancy Applications

Simply complete profile information and apply for an apartment on-line


Pre-arrival information to familiarise and prepare

Billing, Accounts & Payment

Stream-line rent payments

Book facilities

Whether its the board-room or BBQ area, make a facility booking in advance

Residential Community

Connect to your community, be informed of property news and social events

Service requests

Make maintenance, lease extensions and other service requests, with instant publication to the Management Dashboard

Integrates with Resident Apps

Resident facing applications can be integrated, seamlessly

Get fully connected
One unified Residential Property Management platform for Staff & Residents

Property management software for your operation

Build-to-Rent | Multi-family

With a myriad of building types, this massive market sector continues to expand globally, driven by renters needing affordable apartments, with shared amenities and efficient, on-site managed services. Resident-facing technology empowers rental communities.

Student Accomodation

Students seek predictable, accommodation experiences. Managers providing powerful integrated technology, create a seamless booking experience and efficient living experience for higher education students, so they can focus on their academic pursuits.

Housing for Multiple Occupancy

Leasing long-stay accommodation for flat-mates, has become an essential part of today’s fast-paced rental world. As rent costs rise, workers relocate and lifestyles evolve, the need for flexible share-living arrangements grows, but with that comes a need for ease of administration. Managers need simple, consistent workflows to keep on top of shared tenancy applications, split-rental billing and different lease dates, for individual tenants.

Co-living Communities

As the world changes, so too do our living arrangements. Co-living is becoming more popular as people search for ways to reduce living costs and increase social bonds. Residential property managers looking to tap into this trend must find innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of their tenants. With the right technology partner, not only can you manage co-living, but you can also deliver an exceptional experience for your residents.

Retirement Living

As we age, our needs and priorities change, and retirement living facilities strive to keep up with those changes. However, managing these communities can be challenging, especially when it comes to accommodation efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Focus on what matters most: providing a safe and engaging living environment for your residents.

Staff Accommodation

The importance of effective workforce accommodation cannot be overstated. Access to comfortable and convenient living arrangements can help drive employee satisfaction, improve retention rates, and boost productivity levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alternative Residential Housing?

Variously known as “Multi-family” or “Purpose-Built Residential”, the Alternative Residential Housing sector comprises a large-scale property asset class that is focussed on professionally managed, long-stay rental housing. Comprising businesses associated with the provision of long-stay residential housing under a lease agreement, the Alternative Residential sector includes a variety of managed property types, each offering individual levels of apartment or unit floor-plan styles, amenities and community facilities. Businesses in this property management sector are categorised into residential facilities describing their purpose. These categories include Build-to-Rent (BTR), Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), Co-Living, Housing-for-Multiple Occupancy (HMO), Retirement Living and Workforce Accommodation.

What is rezpage property management? (RPM)

rezpage is an enterprise scalable residential property management system, unified around a single, cloud-hosted application core, and designed to manage residential apartment bookings and leasing, student housing, or staff/workforce accommodation, Designed as a leasing, tenant profile, services and operations application, rezpage manages the full life-cycle from site inspection, tenancy application, pre-move-in and in-house phases.

What are the core components of rezpage?

rezpage property management (RPM) comprises staff-facing modules and resident-facing modules, core, property operations described in the website pages and expanded upon on

What optional add-ons are available with rezpage?

rezpage offers optional add-ons including RPM | Web Leasing Engine, RPM | Resident Service Portal, and RPM | Resident Mobile App (in development).

For more on rezpage, visit page

What businesses are best suited to benefit from rezpage?

rezpage is designed for use within a wide variety of Alternative Residential operations, for single sites or businesses that need to scale up, supporting multiple property brands, diverse owner and operator structures.

Is rezpage multi-property capable?

Yes. rezpage supports multi-property businesses. It is designed for local, regional, national as well as global operators needing operating systems to span mutiple countries.

How long does it take to implement and be up and running with rezpage?

Depending on the scope of the project, a small property can be up and running with rezpage, within 4-6 weeks from a commitment. Larger projects, including multi-site rollouts in the BTR, PBSA and Retirement sectors, typically require planning for a first pilot site, before a group rollout. Subject to the number of properties involved, variations, customised integrations, website options and property variables, an implementation plan could take 1+ month to plan, and 3-6+ months to execute. Once the pilot site is signed off, the group rollout implementation schedule is usually rapid, with multiple sites per month commissioned live, assisted by site teams. No two projects are identical and hence every project we undertake varies subject to specific factors including the scope of work agreed, any customisations, number of integrations, participation with staff training, property location and other project planning contingencies.

What optional integrations are available with rezpage?

The rezpage integration hub, includes APIs middleware connectors designed to help your technology suppliers link rezpage to enterprise applications. rezpage APIs are designed to maintain real-time inter-operability with a large variety of operational applications including Websites, Finance/ERP systems, CRM, Door-access, Single-Sign-On, POS, Parcel Locker, Omni-channel Comms, e-Signing, Utility metering and Residential Internet Listing sites.

Is rezpage a Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service?

Yes. rezpage is a cloud-based business application that is hosted on world-class Data Centres and purchased as a software service.

What type of support is available for rezpage?

As with all of our solutions, rezpage is supported by us 24×7 and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times, as well as upgrades to your system to ensure the most recent version and updates at all times.

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