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Purpose Built Residential

In today’s day and age, residential property operators need modern tool-sets and flexible solutions to manage a variety of different accommodation businesses.


Scalability, automation for improved tenant experience, streamlined operations, and enhanced profitability are top of mind when ensuring a technology stack to optimize asset performance.

Simplify | Unify | Engage

Improve tenant experience, streamline operations, and enhance profitability with rezpage, the revolutionary property management software that has changed the industry. Designed with scalability in mind, this user-friendly platform caters to various sectors ranging from student housing, staff accommodation, retirement living, build-to-rent, and co-living spaces.

Bolstering automation and built-in security measures, rezpage provides real-time data and insights to optimize asset performance. More than just automation and scalability, rezpage is also designed with resident welfare in mind, bringing together property managers and residents with top-tier communication tools and features that enable a seamless and convenient approach to property management. Elevate your property management game with rezpage and see the difference firsthand.


The Build-to-Rent trend in residential property leasing is more than just a passing phase. It’s fueled by a desire to create affordable living, thriving communities, and where residents feel at home.

We have long understood the critical importance of providing highly functional software and workflow processes that simplifies residential property management.

Long-Stay Accommodation

Long-stay accommodation leasing has become more than just a passing trend in today’s fast-paced world. As people’s lifestyles evolve, the need for flexible living arrangements grows, but with that comes the need for ease of management.

The traditional way of handling residential property management can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, with the introduction rezpage, the game has changed for the better.

Co-Living Communities

As the world changes, so too do our living arrangements. Co-living is becoming more popular as people search for ways to reduce living costs and increase social bonds.

Residential property managers looking to tap into this trend must find innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of their tenants.

Student Housing

Create a seamless and inspiring living experience for higher education students, so they can focus on their academic pursuits.

Universities, higher education campuses and boarding schools can create an inspiring and empowered housing environment for students that simplifies yours and the students experience.

Retirement Living

As we age, our needs and priorities change, and retirement living facilities strive to keep up with those changes. However, managing these communities can be challenging, especially when it comes to accommodation efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Streamline your daily operations, automate processes, and optimize resources. Focus on what matters most: providing a safe and engaging living environment for your residents.

Staff Accommdation

In today’s mobile and at times transient job market, providing a safe and comfortable living environment for your workforce has become an integral part of employee retention and job satisfaction. And that’s where rezpage comes into play!

Whether you operate accommodation for mining, oil or gas sites, large-scale destinations such as ski resorts, or other workforce related sites, rezpage has you covered.

We are experts in purpose built residential

Residential Property Management (RPM) solutions, designed to deliver long-term benefits.

Long stay

Increase revenue by optimizing availability and rates, harnessing distribution and generating solid, repeat business. Have advanced, residential specific, invoicing capability, financial reporting and deferred revenue analysis. Manage your unique billing processes, leasing and much more.

Management control

Manage operations for your properties from one centralized system and securely access it from wherever you need to. Improve workflows, enhance resident booking and make your properties upkeep easy and more efficient.


Stay in touch with residents before, during and after their lease or stay with joined up solutions that reach the resident’s mobile device. Talk to them with personalized communications when you can’t be face to face. Build strong relationships that makes for happy tenants.

Frequently Asked Questisons

What is long-stay accommodation?

Also known as Purpose-Built Residential (PBR) or Alternative Residential are large-scale property market segments describing businesses associated with the development and operation of residential buildings offering long-stay rental accommodation under a lease or tenancy agreement.

What is rezpage?

rezpage is an enterprise scalable residential property management system, unified around a single, cloud-hosted application core, and designed to manage residential apartment bookings and leasing, student housing, or staff/workforce accommodation, Designed as a leasing, tenant profile, services and operations application, rezpage manages the full life-cycle from site inspection, tenancy application, pre-move-in and in-house phases.

What are the core components of rezpage?

rezpage comprises RPM | Core, RPM | Operations, RPM | System Reports, RPM | System Configuration, and RPM | IO (integrations middleware).

For more on rezpage, visit page

What optional add-ons are available with rezpage?

rezpage offers optional add-ons including RPM | Web Leasing Engine, RPM | Resident Service Portal, and RPM | Resident Mobile App (in development).

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What businesses are best suited to benefit from rezpage?

rezpage is designed for long-stay accommodation businesses including (but not limited to) build-to-rent and leasing, student housing, workforce/staff accommodation, retirement living, and co-living communities.

Is rezpage multi-property capable?

rezpage enables multi-property edition (MPE) deployments. It is designed for local, regional, as well as multi-national operations which can span multiple countries as needed.

How long does it take to implement and be up and running with rezpage?

Depending on scope of the project, a small 50 room property can be up and running live with rezpage within 4 weeks. Of course this may extend depending on various factors including how many add-ons and modules are deployed, the number of integrations, and extent of any required customisations. These may all extend the deployment duration from order date to Go Live date.

What optional integrations are available with rezpage?

The rezpage integration environment including APIs and middleware is designed to keep rezpage inter-operable with a wide range of integrations and interfaces and are built-to-order with required module connections including (but not limited to) corporate web-sites, ERP or finance systems, electronic door access, Single-Sign-On (SSO), POS systems (including xnPOS), CRM systems, Parcel and Locker systems, e-Signing, Utility Meters and residential Internet listing sites.

How is rezpage deployed?

rezpage as a cloud-based next-generation long-stay property management system is hosted by us in our data centres and is accessible by users via a web-browser, on any device be that PC/laptop or tablet.

What type of support is available for rezpage?

As with all of our solutions, rezpage is supported by us 24x7 and backed by a Support Level Agreement that ensures great response times, as well as upgrades to your system to ensure the most recent version and updates at all times.

What is Alternative Residential Housing?

Variously known as "Multi-family" or "Purpose-Built Residential", the Alternative Residential Housing sector comprises a large-scale property asset class that is focussed on professionally managed, long-stay rental housing. Comprising businesses associated with the provision of long-stay residential housing under a lease agreement, the Alternative Residential sector includes a variety of managed property types, each offering individual levels of apartment or unit floor-plan styles, amenities and community facilities. Businesses in this property management sector are categorised into residential facilities describing their purpose. These categories include Build-to-Rent (BTR), Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), Co-Living, Housing-for-Multiple Occupancy (HMO), Retirement Living and Workforce Accommodation.

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